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Lions Camp Crescendo Newsletter        December 2013 Leo Conference Members Help Members of three Leo Clubs attended the Leo Conference the weekend of May 10 th .  While here at Crescendo they conducted a work project to help us out – they weeded the flower bed in front of the lodge, removed the brush behind dorms A & B, plus some other items and they donated a brand new bag less vacuum. Several of the members have applied to be camp counselors this year. We appreciate all their help! Honoring …  Jeffersontown Lions Club made a donation in Honor of  PDG Joe Westerman  and…. South Oldham Lions Club made a donation in Honor of DG Evelyn Vaughn Pool Project(s) Opening the pool is always a big project. It takes a lot of people to pull the pool cover.  This year the following people were here to help: Bill Albano, Will Albano, Tom Darrah, Ralph Whitehouse, Ron Vaughn, Don Flannery along with David Heath.  Thanks guys! Closing the pool is a big deal too – this year about 12 guys from Camp Run-a-mok joined in and had the pool covered it in no time. We surely thank them! Carrollton Lions Trim Shrubbery Lion Tony Gossom made his annual trip to Crescendo and brought with him this year the incoming President Lion John Supplee.  They We are certainly grateful to . . . The Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels for  their generosity in awarding the grant for the Medical  Cart. The Medical Cart has been needed for quite some time and is specifically for our Camp Nurses use in taking care of the children we serve. The cart has already been delivered We thank DG Evelyn Vaughn who is the Crescendo Grant writer for all her efforts and the KY Colonels for their help in meeting this need!! The Lexington Lions Club for their generosity and the grant for the purchase of  36 sets of mattresses and box springs to complete the renovation of the Lodge and Hilton bedrooms. Stanford Lions Club Visit … Stanford Lions drove to Camp the afternoon of June 23 to visit camp and deliver 4 picnic tables that they made of treated lumber based on an idea by Lion Bob Camenisch. The tables were put in  the Sousa Pavilion down by the lake.  Club members broke them in with a picnic lunch. The Lions also delivered several boxes of eye glasses, some cartridges & cell phones, and Lion Sharon Woods personally donated laundry detergent & fabric softner . In the group of Lions were: Lions Bob & Marsha Camenisch, Dorman & Virda Hendry, Carol Parker, Jim Benken, Sharon Wood, Sandy Austin, Bob and Jan Swett, and two guests.  We thank this group of Lions for their gifts and for their visit.  What a wonderful gift the tables made!
Continued from bottom of last page Linda Capito – 11/11/13 Made a donation of $300.00 Carrollton Lions Club – 5/16/13  Made a donation of  $500.00 via MD43 Tracy Cerise – 5/28/13 Made a donation of $150.00 for debt reduction; 6/26/13 Made a donation of $150.00 for debt reduction; 7/29/13 Donation of $150.00(debt); 8/28/13 Made a donation of $150.00 for debt reduction/elimination; 9/27/13 Made a donation of $150for debt; 10/28/13 Made a donation of $150.00 for debt  reduction/elimination; 11/27/13 Made a donation of $150.00; 12/28/13 Made a donation of $150.00 for debt reduction; Phil Clark – 6/8/13 Donated three smoke detectors; Daniel Coe – 5/11/13 Donated a large can of coffee Concord Lions Club – 7/20/13 Made a donation of $200.00; Tom Darrah – 5/10/13 Donated the purchase of a mower cable assembly $6.41; 12/2/13 Made a donation of $200.00; Daviess Co. Lions Club – 5/16/13 Made a donation of $200.00 via MD43 Brian Dennis/Awards Center, Elizabethtown – 7/19/13 Donated two trophies for Band Camp Draffenville Lions Club – 8/14/13 Made a donation of $300.00; Elizabethtown Lions Club – 5/13/13 Made a donation of $500.00; Erlanger Lions Club – 6/12/13 Made a donation of $1000.00;  12/9/13 Donated  $367.00 collected in can at meetings; 12/16/13 Made a donation of $1500.00; Erlanger Lioness Club - 5/16/13 Made a donation of $1,150.00 via MD43 Fairdale Lions Club – 5/25/13 Made a donation of $600.00 via District 43N; Fern Creek Lions Club – 06/13/13 Donated $630.00 for camp portion of  Lions camps expense; Don & Billie Flannery – 5/1/13 Donated $979.93  to cover the cost of siding for the lodge; 5/06/2013 donated $9.94 for some supplies; 6/30/13 donated propane for youth camp cook out; 7/29/13 Donated $52.33 purchase of plain envelopes, croutons, hex keys etc.; 8/1/13 Donated $501.80 to purchase  20 gallons of exterior paint for dorms;  8/11/13 donated $157.00 & $142.80 (Burn Mortgage can); 9/21/13 donatedpurchase tea bags, 4 gal. stain, repair on wheel, air freshners, voltage regulator, stamps and tarps; 11/11 donated $135 to purchase 15 grass carp for the lake; 12/16/13 Made a $500.00 donation toward the maintenance cart; Florence Lions Club – 5/16/13 Made a donation of $100.00; Sherri Friedrich – 5/15/13 Donated white out, staple puller, and some highlighters; Furniture Liquidators. Fairdale – 7/15/13 Donated $250.00; Mel Gilbert – 12/15/13 donated $10.00 from sale of bird house; God’s Holiness Church – 6/8/13 Made a donation of $200.00; 8/19/13 Made a donation of $200.00; Greater  Guthrie Lions Club – 10/2/13 Made a donation of $50.00; Elaine Hardman – 8/30/13 Made a donation of $20.00 Hebron Lions Club – 5/18/13 Made a donation of $35.00 (Burn the Mortgage Can) Henderson Breakfast Lions Club – 5/25/13 Made a donation of $80.00; Hodgenville Lions Club – 5/25/13 Made a donation of $50.00 via District 43N; LaVerne Hopkins – 5/17/13 Made a donation of $50.00; 6/20/13 Made a donation of $50.00; 7/25/13 Made a donation of $50.00; Mary Huntsman – 7/7/13 Made a donation of $36.50and donated laundry soap and laundry sheets; Christine Hutcherson, Shively Lions Club – 5/31/13 came out and helped with moving lodge kitchen items to the main cafeteria; Jeffersontown Lions Club – 7/1/13 Made a donation of $300.00 and also provided Pizza for the KY Lions Youth camp field trip lunch; 11/19/13 Made a donation of $300.00; Paul Johnson – 8/11/13 Made a donation of $73.73 (Burn the Mortgage can); Laurel Community Lions Club – 8/23/13--- Made a donation of $100.00 Lebanon Lions Club – 5/25/13 Made a donation of $50.00 via District 43N; 7/13/13 Club donated 19 cases of soft drinks; 7/23/13 Made a donation of $250.00; Lexington South Lions Club – 5/22/13 Made a donation of $3000.00 to help defray the construction of the steps and walkways;  11/25/13 Made a donation of $2000.00; Livermore Lions Club – 8/21/13 Made a donation of $50.00; Louisville East Lions Club – 5/25/13 Made a donation of $150.00 via District 43N; 6/30/13 Club donated $100.00 for items on wish list, Meg Stone and her husband went shopping and delivered the following to camp:  Clock for cafeteria, laundry detergent, laundry softner sheets, 5x7 ruled pads
KY School for the Blind Charitable Foundation – Awarded Lions Camp Crescendo a grant of $2857.00 to help with the cost of camp and for a desired game.. We appreciate the friendship and generosity of the Foundation! Mother of Dillon… Mary Lynn Spencer, mother of Dillion, a Jr. Counselor  made a donation of $150.00 to help cover any of his expenses and to help sponsor another child to attend one of the free camps. She also wrote – Thanks, for the work that you all do to provide camps for these children. Thanks also to…. Lions Raymond and Norma Streble for helping put the Camp Freedom camper welcome bags together on June 29 th ; The Cabinet of District 43N was recognized for their service to the 2012-2013 Cabinet with a donation of $500.00.  These individuals are: Lions Evelyn Vaughn, Chuck Danison, Jim Pettit, Bill Albano, Bill Van Hoose, Dick Root, Sheri Friedrich, Sue Collins, Harold Smith and Jerry Grider.  Lions Tom Darrah, Don Flannery and Ron Vaughn for helping with the receiving and installing of the 36 sets of  box springs/ mattresses on Dec. 2  This was quite a job! The Lodge and Hilton are now complete – thanks to a grant from the Lexington Lions Club. We are so grateful! David Bunten and Vicki Adams (Bunten & Associates) sent a donation and said to tell everyone they said hello Fall Guests Were … The Ashley Chance/American Sign Language Group Seneca Scout Camporee from Dayton Congratulations to .. Lions Paul & Carrie Thomas of the Munfordville Lions Club on the birth of their baby boy – Chase Edward Thomas born 5/22/13 John & Christina Turpen on the birth of their daughter, Savannah Towlery Turpen who was born on August 30, 2013 – she weighed 7# & 12 oz. and was 21” long. The Campbellsville Lions Club on their 68 th  years of service. Prayers/Cares/News of Friends Lioness Otie Adams & husband David – are both in ill health PDG Gary Angel, went into the hospital on Sept. 12 th  for a minor surgery and encountered a variety of difficulties; he is changing doctors to try to see what the problem is prior to having some work done on his knee. Lion Joe Bartley, of the Meade County Lions Club is recovering at home from a triple bypass. Lion Lisa Bellamy – had surgery on her upper spine and is home recovering. Lions Dick & Ida Bernard,  Lou. Highlands Lions Club are both recovering from illnesses. Lion/Lioness Pat Cartwright-Steffen and husband Fred Steffen are both having some health issues PDG Mike Chambers, Bowling Green – 5/10/13 had open heart surgery at Jewish Hospital in Louisville to implant a Ventricular Assist Device.  He is recuperating from the surgery and is on the heart transplant list. PDG Dean Crawford, Hazard is in the hospital as on 9/19 with an infection. He also had cancer surgery and is doing pretty good. Tom Darrah – Tom was in an auto accident in July, the vehicle flipped on its side. No broken bones. He is recovering at home. Lion Stan Eades – is recovering from having pneumonia. Lion Bob Ellis – has encountered health issues. PDG Noel Hardwick – had heart surgery and is recovering. Mary Huntsman’s Mother – is not doing well after a number of months in poor health. PDG John Jenks – is recovering at home from a surgical procedure Leo Coralynn Mills is on the mend after breaking her collarbone. David Nitschke – 5/20/13 had gall bladder surgery. Gayle O’Neal – the last Charter Member of the Corbin Lions Club was hospitalized in Baptist Hospital. PDG Jim Pettit – had knee surgery and is home recovering doing well. Lioness Dorothy Reed’s husband – is recovering from cancer surgeries of the lower lung. Doc Stengel, Louisville Downtown Lions Club is on the mend. He did not have a heart attack but a damaged aorta. He is recuperating at the Nazareth Home on Newburg Rd. in Louisville. James Snyder, Perryville – 5/27/13 Has  spent several weeks in the Danville Hospital due to 2 strokes. He is the President of the Perryville Lions Club and is back at home and . Douwe Sparks, brother of Lion Rhoda Wright spent some time in the UK Chandler Hospital Markey Cancer Center and is now home. Lions Barbara Taylor – is in the hospital as a result of Cancer. Lion Bob Warren, Fairdale Lions Club – 6/3/13 was hospitalized with a high heart rate and a variety of tests were run – they shocked his heart and he is home doing fine. Ralph & Peggy Whitehouse – Fern Creek, have both been in the hospital, Ralph had tests and Peggy had two stints put in. PDG Claude Yates has been in the Rivers Edge Nursing and Rehab. Center in Prospect since April.  His wife, Ena visits daily. Sad News – Deaths Harold Adams¸ Bullitt Co., age 79 – passed away November 13, 2013. He was a member of the North Bullitt/Zoneton Lions Club.  He is survived by his wife  and children, 3 great-grandchildren, and some foster children. Thad Barna – passed away May 21, 2013 at his home in Louisville. He was a member of the Jeffersontown Lions Club. He is survived by his wife Rosemary, his children Amelia, Matt and Justin, and his parents Bill & Madelyn Barna; brothers Donald and Lance; sisters Carol, Suzanne and Vicki. Juanita Bird,  84, of Bowling Green passed away Tuesday August 12 th .  She is survived by her husband, Garland Bird; two daughters Deborah  Graven (Lyndell) & Donna Johnson (Gary); and a sister. Benny L. Bryant, 73, of Stanton KY passed away September 17, 2013 at St. Joseph East in Lexington. He was a member of the Powell County Lions Club. He is survived by his wife Thelma, daughter Edye and son Benny L.. Ambrose “Andy” Dudley, 77, of Stanton KY passed away July 15, 2013 at Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington.  He was a member of the Stanton Lions Club. He is survived by his wife Betty Carol, a son Tim, a daughter Melissa, two granddaughters and a sister. Saundra Gisiger, Frankfort, passed away on September 10, 2013.  She was a member of the Frankfort Lions Club. Mary LaVerne Hopkins, Erlanger, passed away July 31, 2013. She was a Lioness and a Lions member of the Erlanger Club. She is survived by a son, Mike and a daughter, Cindy. LaVerne was a counselor for the KY Lions Youth Camp for a good many years.  Her legacy is one of service and helping others. Her commitment to family and community was her life.  She believed in Lions Camp Crescendo and did her best to support camp in every way she cound. Audrey Hosking, 95, passed away on Saturday, July 20 th , 2013.  She is survived by children – Gloria (Gary) Angel, Rick (Barb)¸and Ron (Joan); Nine grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren, and 12 great-great grandchildren. Donnie Houser, 46, of Louisville , passed away on August 6, 2013 at Baptist East Hospital. He is survived by his wife Kim,  his mother, Linda, a sister, Rose Mary, a brother¸Ron. Mary Lena Ruschival¸ Louisville, passed away August 1 st, . She was a member of the Louisville East Lions Club; Gifts In Memory of…. Harold Adams, No. Bullitt/Zoneton Lions Club No Bullitt/Zoneton Lions Club Thad Barna, Jeffersontown Lions Club Don & Billie Flannery Ches & Martha Wheeler Suzanne Wilson Bill & Madelyn Barna Frank & Janet Campisano LaVerne Hopkins Bob & Sara Smith Vicki Wolverton Jeffersontown Lions Club Saundra Gisiger, Frankfort Lions Club Don & Billie Flannery LaVerne Hopkins, Erlanger Lions Club Don & Billie Flannery Ron & Evelyn Vaughn Thomas & Lynn Lemmel, OH PDG Don & Betty Thompson Colleen & Mike McSwiggin, OH Molly Ziegler PDG Bob & Sara Smith Tom Darrah CC George & Charyn Lonneman Erlanger Lions Club PDG’s Cecil & Flo Warner Pres. Jeff Lorenzen Bob & Maureen Metz, FL Sue & Bob Grethel & Family, OH Eugene & Barbara Berwanger Linda Murphy James M. Hopkins Tom & Trudy Bieger Erlanger Lions Club Lyndell & Debbie Graven Donnie Houser Janet, Vicki, Lisa, Sherie, Alice, Shannon &      Elaina Don & Billie Flannery Geri L. Morgan Phyllis Palmer,  Frankfort Lions Club  Don & Billie Flannery PDG’s Cecil & Flo Warner Roy Payne & Leonard Byrd, husband and brother of Mary Lee Payne Bob & Sara Smith Barbara Powell, Lebanon Lions Club Bob & Sara Smith Jack Taylor, Frankfort Lions Club PDG’s Cecil & Flo Warner Barbara Wade, Nicholasville Gerald Wade Bonnie Warner Ches & Martha Wheeler Donations & Gifts Anonymous (this Lion has been faithfully donating on a monthly basis & we thank him for all his help) 6/8/13 $189.75 7/22/13 $150.00 8/1/13 $150.00 8/6/13 $45.00 8/12/13 $5000.00 9/5/13 $189.50 10/5/13 $150.00 10/15/13 $53.12 11/1/13 $150.00 11/14/13 $57.75 12/27/13 $199.50 Lion Bill Albano and grandson Josiah came on 6/4 to help clean out some dorm rooms; 6/15/13 Donated 30 deck connectors; Donald Barna – 10/6/13 Donated 11 gallon cans of food items and 3 spray cans of cleaner. Lisa  & Tony Bellamy – 7/6/13 Made a donation of $23.86 for debt reduction; 12/15/2013 Made a donation of $23.51 using the debt reduction canister; Lions Dick & Ida Bernard – 10/8/13 Made a donation of $50.00 to use as best needed. Tom & Trudi Bieger – 12/18/13 Made a donation of $100.00 to use where needed; Patricia & William Birk – parents of camper - 6/13/13 made a donation of $200.00; Ann Bizzel – 12/2/13 Donated bedroom set and end tables. Boonesboro Lions Club – 12/16/13 donated $75.00 to be split between the three camps; Donald J. Bowers – 11/20/13 Made a donation of $200.00; Bowling Green Noon Lions Club – 5/2/13 Made a donation of $1,000.00 Bowling Green Evening Lions Club – 5/16/13 Made a  donation of $300.00 via MD43; Bunten & Associates, Covington – 6/28/13 Made a donation of $100.00; Chuck Carlson, PDG – 5/18/13 Made a donation of $33.75(Burn the Mortgage Can) Calvert City Lions Club – 5/11/13 Made a donation of $350.00 Campbellsville Lions Club -10/6/13 Made a donation of $1500.00. This is their second donation this year!  Thanks Lions! Continued at Top of Next Column
wire brushes, a stapler, stapler pullers, scizzors, a wide variety of all size batteries, and furniture polish; Louisville Highland Lions Club – 6/21/13 Made a donation of $75.00; Louisville West End Lions Club – 5/25/13 Made a donation of $50.00 via District 43N; Lush Life Productions/Camp Run-a-mok campers – 9/5/13 made a donation of  $1196.00; Magnolia Lions Club – 12/15/13 Made a donation of $43.37 using the debt reduction can at meetings; Mattress & More, Fairdale  – 7/15/13 Made a donation of $250.00 Mayfield Lions Club – 7/1/13 Made a donation of $200.00; Maysville Lions Club – 5/16/13 Made a donation of $55.00 via MD43 Middletown Lions Club – 5/25/13 Made a donation of $800.00 via District 43N; 5/20/13 Made donation of $200.00; 6/24/13 Made a donation of $200.00 for debt reduction;  7/27/13 Made a donation of $200.00 for debt; 11/13/13 Made a donation of $400.00; PDG Marty Mills – 6/3/13 Engraved and delivered a large batch of Braille signs for camp; Morganfield Lions Club – 11/29/13 Made a donation of $200.00; Mt. Washington Lions Club – 5/25/13 Made a donation of $200.00 via District 43N; Tim Nelson – 7/13 has caught and removed 35 large turtles from our lake. This should result in the kids catching more fish.  Thanks Tim! 12/18/13 purchased & donated parts from O’Reilly Auto Parts for camp at a cost of $9.53; Nicholasville Lions Club – 11/25/13 Made a donation of $1200.00 for debt reduction; No. Bullitt/Zoneton Lions Club – 8/15/13 Donated $133.00; 12/10/2013 donated $112 for mortgage reduction; North Hardin/Meade County Leo Club – 7/37/13 Made a donation of $136.41; North Hardin Lions Club – 5/25/13 Made a donation of $2500.00 via District 43N; North Oldham Lions Club – 8/10/13 Made a donation of $150.00; 11/25/13 Made a donation of $150.00; Adolph Oldach – 6/8/13 Made a donation of $75.00 for Camp Freedom; 6/13/13 Donated a 1 ½ gallon of top of the line white exterior paint; Owensboro Lions Club – 8/30/13 Made a donation for 2012-13 & 2013-14 of $2000.00; PDG Jim & Kitty Pettit – 6/4/13 taped newsletters to prepare them for mailing; 6/15/13 Donated 2 carpenters pencils; John Picklesimer – 10/17  Drove to Calvert City and did a camp presentation to the Lions Club at their invitation Pineville Lions Club – 8/9/13 Made a donation of $1000.00 to help where needed the most; Eldon Pontius, PDG 43K – 5/18/13 Made a donation of $203.03 (Burn the Mortgage Can – made by all 29 Clubs in 43K) Powell County Lions Club – 12/15/13 Made a donation of $500.00; Richmond Lions Club – 6/11/13 Made a donation of $300.00 Tammy Riddle – 10/12 donated $17.64 from debt reduction can; Russellville Lions Club – 5/16/13 Made a donation of $25.00 via MD43 Elizabeth Sawyer – 7/12/13 Made a donation of $1000.00 for Camp Heart to Heart; Sedalia Lions Club – 8/30/13 Made a donation of $500.00; Shively Lions Club – 5/28/13 Made a donation of $150.00; 11/14/13 Made a donation of $75.00; Simpsonville Lions Club – 5/25/13 Made a donation of $50.00 via District 43N; Bob & Sara Smith – 6/28/13 donated books for sale with proceeds of $10.00; 12/9/13 Donated $800.00; Harold Smith – 5/16/13 donated a dual tank air compressor and some carpenter pencils; South Oldham Lions Club – 5/25/13 Made donation of $100.00 via District 43N; St. Matthews Lions Club – 5/25/13 Made a donation of $50.00 via District 43N; 8/19/13 Made a donation of $500.00 for debt reduction; Stanford Lions Club – 6/12/13 Made a donation of $450.00;  6/23/13 bought materials and made picnic tables for Sousa Pavilion; Betsy Sutton – 7/8/13 made a donation of $50.00 for Camp Freedom; Evelyn & Ron Vaughn – 5/16/13 Made a donation of $30.00; 6/6/13 Donated electrical plug for Café warmer;  6/24/13 Made a donation of $10.00 from book sales; 7/1/13 purchased and donated the  cartridge for the Fax machine; 7/8/13 Purchased flag material, made air rifle flag, purchased grommet tool for air rifle field at camp ($18.44); 7/18/13 Donated purchase ($19.56) of oil filter and grease for mowers;  7/15/13 Donated $10.00 from sale of books; 8/6/13 Donated $100.00 for 4 gallons of exterior paint, made a Memorial Gift and donated $32.50 from sale of books; 8/30//13 Donated $12 from book sales; 8/26/13 Purchased/donated a paint sprayer $301.09; 9/2/13 donated grease $44.00; 9/3/13 donated ink cartridge $44.49;  9/17/13 donated $135.75 (quarter can); 10/11 donated $10 from sale of books;10/14 donated a backpack sprayer, and foam stuff; 10/14 donated $24.72 cost for FC Comm. Ctr  luncheon sponsored by LCC; 11/9/13 Donated the purchase of 70 stamps for a mailing and donated $20.00; 11/29/13 donated $23.46 covering weather stripping, pipe foam insulation and tank lever; 12/9/13 Donated $10.00 from book sales; 12/16/13 Made a donation of $500.00 toward the maintenance cart; Gerald Wade – 12/10/13 Donated a sleeping bag; Barbara Walker – 8/11/13 Donated $51.00 (Burn the Mortgage can; Cecil & Flo Warner – 8/11/13 Donated 3 pks of earplugs, stickers, and 3 stuffed Lions; 10/6/13 Made a donation of $200.00 and a donation of $25.20 (debt reduction can); 12/15/13 Donated individual soaps etc.; 12/15/13 Made a donation of $200.00’ Washington Lions Club – 5/16/13 Made a donation of $100.00 via MD43 Joe Westerman, PDG – 5/15/13 Made a donation of $100.00 Ches Wheeler – 12/15/2013 Made a donation of $1000.00 to meet the Matching challenge made by Lions Don Flannery & Ron Vaughn; Ralph Whitehouse – 5/1/13 Donated 2 squares of vinyl siding. Whitesburg Lions Club – 6/21/13 Made a donation of 100.00 Whitesville Lions Club – 5/16/13 Made a donation of $1,000.00 via MD43 Wibbels Reunion – 8/25/13 Made a donation of $143.00; Chuck Wilson – 6/22/13 Made a donation of $200.00 designated to help three camps; Sharon Woods, Stanford – 6/23/13 Donated 2 large jugs of laundry detergent and 2 boxes of fabric softner. What’s Been Happening … ~ an air rifle range was designed and built by the Louisville K.R.A.F.T. team up on field #8 – we thank them!  Printer Cartridges/Cell Phones Lions Camp Crescendo has an ongoing fundraising project to recycle ink jet or laser printer cartridges, copier cartridges, and cell phones.  All brands of cartridges and phones are accepted. Numerous people, clubs & others help out on a regular basis – some just drop them off at camp or at other drop off points.  We thank everyone that helps out! Participants include AutoSmart Steve Baker/UPS/ARK Lisa Bellamy/UK Chandler Medical Ctr. Mike Brown, Erlanger Bullitt County Clerk’s Office Linda Capito Bea Chapin Daniel Coe Community Trust Bank Curneal & Hignite Insurance, E-town Geza Desi, Boonesboro Lions Club Don’s Lumber, Vine Grove Reggie Elliott, Lexington Erlanger Lions Club Fort Knox Federal Credit Union Frank Farmer and all his efforts in the community Mel & Marla Gilbert Lyndell Graven GSC-EMS, Will Mayer Danny Hutcherson, Hardin Co. PVA Sam & Barbara Hardy Jess Hester/delivered by Mary Jo Shepherd James Medical Equipment Paul Johnson Joe Jones Kentucky School for the Blind Kerr OfficePlus Group Wayne Lawrence Lebanon Junction Post Office/Community Box PDG Marty Mills Hanna Moore Okolona Church of Christ Kenneth Pierce Becky @ Pioneer News, Lebanon Junction Probuilt Automotive, Keith & Becky Tennill Sacramento Lions Club Shively Lions Club PDG Sal Silvano Bob & Sara Smith Stanford Lions Club David Strange Bob Swett/Stanford Lions Club PDG Kew Taybi Taylor County Bank Taylor County Extension Office Taylor County Public Library Don & Betty Thompson Sam & Helen Underwood Ron & Evelyn Vaughn Flo Warner Ken Wedeking PDG Joe Westerman PDG Major Wheat Ottis Wright Aluminum Can Recycling Since 2012 we have made 1008 shipments of cartridges to be recycled with Funding Factory.  Of these, 88% were laser printer cartridges; 9% were ink jet cartridges; and 3% were cell phones. Not only did out efforts keep these items out of the landfill but we made some money from the efforts of many people. Thanks everyone for helping!  Please keep up the good work collecting cans!    Participants include:  Steve Baker & Daniel Coe Camp Run-A-Mok Comcast Cable DMLO Don & Billie Flannery Mel Gilbert Charlie Gray, Lexington Paul Johnson John & Mary Ann Picklesimer Shively Lions Club Dale & Robin Streble Ottis Wright I am sure there are people that I have missed and we thank you also.  We find cans that have been left many times but don’t know who brought them.  Thanks for the help! Wish/Needs List 12 volt Battery Wire Brushes (4) Brooms (12 or more) Dustpans (12 or more) Donations to continue our exterior paint project (a                                                                               good club project –in either labor or  $) Staplers (1) Pledge Furniture Polish (generic brand is ok too) Laundry Detergent (any brand) Laundry Softner Sheets (any brand) Visit Our “New”  Website Lions Camp Crescendo, Inc. P.O. Box 607 1480 Pine Tavern Road Lebanon Junction, Kentucky  40150