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Lions Camp Crescendo Newsletter        August   2017 CAMP NEWS March 4 – Steven Bliss and Michael Wilmore came into camp and took a chain saw to cut up/remove a large tree from the road in the parking lot at the base of the Office building. They also removed a tree back at the bridge on field 9. They camped out overnight and then worked on the culvert back at the field 9 bridge – this will go on hold till it dries out due to standing water at the creek.  These two men are married to Billie and Don Flannery’s granddaughters.  In addition, they helped Tony Bellamy (son-in-law) install some security cameras. May 20 – Steven Bliss, Michael Wilmore and Don Flannery worked on the Cafeteria ceiling and replaced some 2 X 4 ceiling tile.  March 4 – Hanna Moore and Zach Hayes visited camp to turn in funds from a fund raiser they set up with Culver’s in Lexington to help Camp Freedom.  They raised a total of $1200.00 on the project. Hanna and Zach have been counselors at Camp Freedom for a number of years. They did another fundraiser in Lexington with City BBQ which raised $54.20  We thank both of them for all their work. Feb. 25 - Kati Badgett held a fundraiser in Louisville to help Camp Freedom – it was with City BBQ on Hurstborne Ln. (Louisville) – the fundraiser total raised $100.09 – the check was received on March 27, 2017.  We thank Kati for her work with this project to help Camp Freedom. March  – Daniel Coe spent numerous hours in revising the application (both camper & counselors) for all three camps. We needed to place certain data elements in a consistent location to reduce data entry time. We have significantly expanded the medical data section to aid in improving the first day medical check in process. We truly thank him for tackling this significant work project. April – PDG Evelyn Vaughn and Lion Billie Flannery visited two Lions Clubs – the Louisville Downtown Lions Club and the South Oldham Lions Club.  We appreciate the invitations to visit.  We enjoyed good food and Lions fellowship.  The memory of the cup cakes at Louisville Downtown and the BBQ at South Oldham remain. June 24  & July 1 – Steven Bliss & Michael Wilmore worked on the step down ramp going to Sousa Pavilion – landscape timbers were placed down the hill and gravel placed in the tiers.  This is a big help in going to the lake. Sharing Comments – reasons to go to camp. . . “ My Foster children were accepted and attended Camp Freedom last year and they have not stopped talking about it.” From a Mother of two 2016 counselors – “This camp has been life changing for them and they wouldn’t miss it!  I hope  to add their sister this year” Another  Mother – “Last year 3 of my foster children went and they loved it and they are still talking about it and begging me to send them again this year.” From a Mommy & Papa “She loved going to camp last year and has been talking about it all year. She’s made amazing progress this year partly I believe due to her time at camp. She wants to be better so she can keep going to camp.” A Memory from a retired Counselor “A blind camper ask me to take him outside before bedtime and to describe to him what I saw up there”.  What a memory!  As you might expect this counselor remains strongly connected to camp. Camper has been a Dad instead of a brother to his three sisters and he needs to figure out how to be a kid. Camper needs time away from her autistic brother and another brother who has anger issues. Camper has been there before and really enjoyed it. It has allowed him to learn to follow along with the other kids and be independent. Camper had anger issues but improves everyday. He looks forward to this camp every year. Camper needs to interact with other children. Living with grandparents she does not get to play with others her age in the summer. Thanks to Our Counselors, Director, staff and all the faithful volunteers for these results.  Thanks everyone! 2017 Board Meetings for Lions Camp Crescendo are … October 1 December 10 Executive Meeting 2:00 PM & Main Meeting 3:00 PM Memorial Gifts Betty Belna (sister of Bill Barna) Lion Bill Barna Don & Billie Flannery June Parker (wife of PDG Larry Parker) PCC Don & Billie Flannery Don Schilling, of Lexington  PCC Don & Billie Flannery R. W. & Bonnie Collins Harriet Schulz Donna F & Anthony A. Davidson Mary B. Lesshafft, Lexington Lexington South Lions Club John & MaryAnn Picklesimer PDGs Cecil & Flo Warner PDG Gerald & Wilma Leslie Nancy & Gary Craft Elizabeth & Carl Jr. Kenon David Thompson (Uncle to Flo Warner) PDGs Cecil & Flo Warner, KY PDG Sam Underwood (husband of Helen Underwood) Bill & Teresa Underwood, (AL) PCC Don & Billie Flannery, KY Sheila D. Stevens, WV George E. Bumpus, WV PDG Evelyn & Ron Vaughn, KY PDG Claude Yates (Husband of Ena Yates) Dee & Pete Bullock Tom & Ginny Darrah Ron & PDG Evelyn Vaughn Billie & PCC Don Flannery PDGs Cecil & Flo Warner Deaths PDG Sam Underwood – passed away on Thursday, February 16, 2017 in Campbellsville at the age of 86.  He is survived by his wife of 57 years, Helen. He was a Veteran and was a 50 year member of the Lions Club (38 years of the Shepherdsville Lions Club). June M. Parker, 86, of Owensboro died Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2017.  She was preceded in death by her husband of 62 years, PDG Larry Parker of MD43E.  She is survived by daughters – Carol Jaggers, Gail Parker, Kathy Vance and Andra  Bell and sons Jeff Parker and Larry Parker; plus 12 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren and two great-great grandchildren. Marvin Dale¸ 82 of Elizabethtown died Saturday, March 18, 2017. He is survived by his wife, Joan, two sons, a sister, 4 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.  He was a member of the Elizabethtown Lions Club for over 40 years. PDG John Mayer, of Frenchburg passed away on Saturday, March 25 th  He is survived by his wife, PDG Gwen and children. Ernest Townsend Bourne Jr. of Louisville passed away on May 17 th .  He was a charter member of the Louisville East Lions Club. Memorial contributions are suggested to the KY School for the Blind Charitable Foundation or the Louisville East Lions Club. Lion Richard Bonner passed away on June 7, 2017 – He was a member of the Jeffersontown Lions Club. He retired from General Electric.  He is survived by his wife Helga Bonner, nine children, 18 grandchildren, 28 great-grandchildren, 5 great-great- grandchildren.  PDG Claude Yates passed away on June 22, 2017. He is survived by his wife Ena and daughter Linda; sisters Pauline Clark and Thyra Biggs. He was a member of the North Oldham Lions Club. He was also a past Chairman of the Board of Lions Camp Crescendo Donald Eldon Schilling, 89, of Lexington passed away on July 15, 2017.  He is survived by his children Nancy Craft and Don D. Schilling; a number of grandchildren, great-grandchildren and one sister – Dorothy.  He was a member of the Lexington South Lions Club and the owner of Schilling Properties. Elizabeth J. “Betty” Belna¸ 90¸of Rockford, Ohio, died Sunday July 2, 2017. She is survived by 3 sons, 7 grandchildren, 4r great-grandchildren and a brother – Bill Barna who is a member of the Jefferstontown Lions Club Thomas R. Jasper, 86, of Mt.Washington passed away on July 20, 201. He was a Charter Member of the Mt. Washington Lions Club.  He is survived by his wife of 67 years, Verneasa, three daughters, one sister, eight grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. Here are worthy Projects that everyone can help with ----- Lexington South Lions Club is selling straw brooms for $12.00 each – call John Picklesimer (859) 338-6003 if you want to order some. Lexington Lions Club has an environmental project in the progress to collect plastic bottle camps & lids. These will be turned into sturdy Heavy-duty benches for Masterson Station Park / Fairgrounds & Pavilion area in Lexington.  If you and/or your club want to help you may contact PDG Bea Chapin in Lexington  or PDG David Moose for those in the Louisville area. Collect used eye glasses for use on Mission Trips to other countries. Crescendo helps out by being a temporary storage place.  Contact Dick Clark of the Shively Lions Club. Collect used Ink Jet and Laser printer cartridges for Lions Camp Crescendo – this is an environment project which keeps such items out of  landfills as well as a fundraiser for camp. Collect aluminum cans for Lions Camp Crescendo – This is a fundraiser and environmental project to keep cans out of landfills. Top Tips on “How to Be Deaf Aware” Following the tips will allow you to communicate with those individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing. Avoid standing in front of a light when speaking Make sure you have the person’s attention before speaking. Stand a normal distance from the person Do not cover your mouth or have anything in your mouth when you are speaking Look directly at the person you are speaking to and maintain eye contact Speak clearly, at a normal pace Repeat the statement, then re-phrase if the person is unable to hear the words spoken Use shorter, simpler sentences if necessary Do not shout Use gesture, facial expression and body language to assist with communication Be patient and take time to communicate Try writing down a couple words or a phrase to clarify if communication is difficult Remember that just because a person can hear your voice, does not mean they can understand your words When writing back and forth, keep  your word choices simple and sentences short.  If the person understands you well and uses more complex sentence and vocabulary, you may do the same. Take your clue from the deaf person. When using an interpreter, speak directly to the deaf person. When the interpreter voices what the deaf person signs, look at the deaf person, not the interpreter. Avoid saying…. “Tell him….” Grants 1/25/2017 - AIDS Services Center Coalition Inc awarded a grant for Camp Heart to Heart. The  Coalition has been a significant help over a number of years to help provide children a week of camp free of charge here at Lions Camp Crescendo.  This camp is directed by Lion Daniel Coe of Louisville. The staff is made up of many faithful  volunteers. 3/1/2017 - KY School for the Blind Foundation awarded a grant (once again) to help with the cost involved with holding the Lions Youth Camp for children who happen to be This camp is directed by Lion Holly Bean Bryant and its staff is also made up of many faithful volunteers. We must express our appreciation to PDG Evelyn Vaughn, a faithful, weekly dedicated board member/volunteer who writes the Crescendo Grant requests!  This is not an easy or fast task and we surely appreciate all she does! More than a Camp at times - We Serve many ways.. Lions Camp Crescendo is a standby resource for the Red Cross and when notified, we may need to provide shelter and/or food services/facilities.  Over the years we have only been called into service twice. Typically there is an advance call to alert us to the potential need --- thus we stand ready to serve. This year, we had 3 days of standby. Donations & Gifts Anonymous – 7/31/17 $20.00 Alexandria Lions Club – 6/24/17- Donated $100.00 Steve Baker 4/22/17 - Donated a Holly Tree 5/19/17 - Donated 12 sets alpha index sheets Donald Barna 5/7/17- Donated 5 large trash cans Lisa Bellamy 4/22/17 - Developed a data base for tracking and reporting of camp data and use by camp directors of all three camps; designed a coloring book for the three camps and donated a case of crayons; donated the hanging shoe bag racks for medicine management and also developed the Medical Practices package. 7/1/17 - Donation of $6.58 Lions Trudy & Tom Bieger 1/3/2017 - Donation of $50.00 Bloomfield Lions Club 6/30/17 - Donation of $644.34 PDG Paul Breary 3/2017 - Donated toothbrushes 4/19/19 - $500 donation-KY Lions Youth Camp Brooksville Lions Club 6/2/17 - Donation of $100.00 Cadiz Lions Club 6/30/17 - Donation of $200.00 CSL Plasma 5/19/17 - Donated 32 post arrangers 6/2/17 - Donated 2 cones & 11 trash cans 6/8/17 - Donated 5 tall trash cans & 2 x-tall cans Linda Capito 5/5/17 - Donation of $400.00 Lion Tracy Cerise 1/27/17 - $200.00 Donation  - debt reduction 2/25/17 - $200.00 Donation – debt reduction 3/30/17 - $200.00 Donation – debt reduction 4/27/17 - $200.00 Donation – debt reduction 5/26/17 - $200.00 Donation – debt reduction 6/29/17 - $200.00 Donation – debt reduction 7/28/17 - $200.00 Donation – debt reduction Melinda Clark 6/15/17 - Donated envelopes Lion Daniel Coe 2/1/17 - Revised Camp applications for campers and counselors PCC Jack Conte 2/7/17 - Donation via PDG Howard Cook 3/26/17 - Can Donation of $14.91 for debt 4/6/17 - Printed 225 coloring book covers Lion Tom Darrah 3/1/17 - $608 - Lodge bedroom level windows Derby City Expresso/Haymarket Bar 7/10/17 - Donation of $2333.50 Daviess County Lions Club 6/26/17 - $400.00 Donation Erlanger Lions Club 2/23/17 - $100.00 (collection can for camp) 5/26/17 - $1500.00 Donation 6/18/17 - $100.00 Donation from collection can Falmouth Lions Club 6/24/17 - Donation of $100.00 Fredonia Lions Club 3/2/17 - $50.00 Donation PDG Don & Billie Flannery 1/26/17 - $15 fee to State donated (via CC) 3/3/17 - Donation of 10 receptacles $30 3/26/17 - Donation of $500.00 4/10/27 - Donated card stock, paper for raffle, flowers for pots on porch, socket for mower, mower blades, paper for coloring books 4/10/17 - Donated $194.00, printing  raffle tickets 4/21/17 - Donated $64.77 to cover raffle mailing.  Other assorted donations, include spark plug, furniture polish, and Board Meeting Pizza. 5/5/17 - Can Donation  of $41.00 5/10/17 - Donation of $94.77 for postage, café items,  and van gas. 5/15/17 - Don, $500.00 donation, BJ, $500.00 donation, plus $80 donation for post. 6/3/17 - Donation of $220.59 for brooms, dust pans, ball camps and misc items 6/18/17 - Donation of $1000.00 7/30/17 - Donation of $135 trailer tires & rims. 7/30/17 - Donation of $500.00; Can donation $40.50 & list of misc items $45.48
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
Flatwoods Lions Club 3/27/17 - $250 Donation for Camp Freedom 7/31/17 - $300.00 Donation Florence Lions Club 5/15/17 - $200 Donation 5/19/17 - $500.00 donation for KY Youth Camp Ward Frahler (parent) 7/3/17 - Donation of $91.25 for Burn the Note Frankfort Lions Club 5/22/17 - $500.00 donation - KY Lions Youth Camp Roger Garman 4/3/17 - $25.00 Donation for Camp Freedom Mark Greiser/Troop 8481 5/12/17 - Donated & installed lights for Sousa pavilion – and cleared the hill side 7/2/17 - Made a rolling fishing pole holder to  use to transport poles to the lake (without tangling) 7/3 – 7/7/17 - Troop worked with Director Holly to help with the week of KY Lions Youth Camp Hindman Lions Club 2/11/17 - $100.00 Donation Tim Hunt, Vice Governor 5/14/17 - Donation of $100.00 Samantha Hubbard 6/26/17 - Donated $217.51, 4 small life jackets and brailled a deck of large print playing cards Ralph & Elaine Jaarsma, IA 5/5/17 - Donation of $50.00 Jeffersontown Lions Club 4/14/17 - $600.00 donation (6 mo. 2016/2017) 6/26/17 - $300.00 donation (3 months) and $500.00 for KY Lions Youth Camp pizza Summer Jenkins 4/15/17 - $20.00 Donation (KY Lions Youth Camp) Wm & Emily Jennings 4/14/17 - $20.00 donation for Camp Freedom Mark & Joyce Kelly 5/14/17 - $80.00 donation for 1 Café post Community Lions Club 2/11/17 - $100.00 Donation Kiwanis Club of Dixie Louisville 7/3/17 - Donation - $200.00 Camp Freedom Lebanon Lions Club 4/10/17 - Four Members, including President Jerry Lanham came to camp once again and painted 2 more dorm rooms and the ceiling of another.  5/18/17 - Donation of soft drinks for camps 5/18/17  Donation of soft drinks for camps Leitchfield Lions Club 3/17/17 - 250.00 Donation - $200 for LCC and $50 for Youth Camp Lexington Lions Club 3/18/17 - $1000.00 for KY Lions Youth Camp Lexington South Lions Club 2/2/17 - $500 donation for Camp Freedom 5/13/17 - $220 donation for printing of camp applications Louisville East Lions Club 7/30/17 - Donation of $200 for Camp Freedom, $200 for KY Lions Youth Camp and $200 General needs Magnolia Lions Club 3/26/17 - Donation of $2340.19 Maysville Lions Club 6/22/17 - Donation of $400.00 6/24/17 - Donation of $109.75 Metro Plumbing Inc. 5/13/17 - $250 Donation - Camp Heart to Heart Middletown Lions Club 1/17/17 - $300.00 Donation for general fund 1/23/17 - $200.00 Donation for debt reduction 2/25/17 - $200.00 Donation for debt reduction 3/23/17 - $200.00 Donation for debt reduction 4/22/17 - $100.00 Donation for debt reduction 5/8/17 - $100.00 Donation – all 3 camps 6/24/17 - $100.00 Donation for debt reduction 7/21/17 - $100.00 Donation for debt reduction Janice & Charles Miller 4/14/17 - Donation of $50 for Camp Freedom PDG David & Judy Moose 4/25/17 - Donated a bag of bowls/lids & tongs Mt. Washington Lions Club 4/22/17 - $500.00 Donation 5/8/17 -  $200.00 Donation – all 3 camps North Bullitt/Zoneton Lions Club 4/6/17 - $500.00 Donation for debt reduction North Hardin Lions Club 5/8/17 - $75.00 Donation – all 3 camps North Oldham Lions Club 5/4/17 - Donation of $250.00 Adolph Oldach 2/23/17 - $75.00 donation Owensboro Lions Club 7/21/17 - $1000.00 Donation Perryville Lions Club 5/8/17 - $50.00 Donation – KLY camp Kitty Pettit 4/25/17 - Donated sheets, shoes, rags, roaster and T-shirts John Picklesimer 03/26/17 - Donated a portable foil projector and extra bulb plus 2 Lions Brooms 6/26/17 - Donated another broom 7/12/17 - Once again John & MaryAnn made & donated quilts to each new Camp Heart to Heart camper.  They have been doing this for many years. Shively Lions Club 7/15/17 - Donation of $350.00 Somerset Lions Club 5/8/17 - $100.00 Donation for KYLC Somerset Community College Lions Club 6/15/17 - Donation of $43.54 South Oldham Lions Club 4/25/17 - $500.00 - for kids summer camps 7/1417 - Donated paper towels, trays & bowls, copy paper, bottled water, wash cloths, tooth paste and tooth brushes. 7/29/17 - Donated Paper Towels Springfield Lions Club 5/8/17 - $300.00 Donation – all 3 camps Lion Ron & Evelyn Vaughn 2/1/17 - Picked up aerator from Hall Pump and delivered it to camp 3/6/17 - Donated $45.48 mower parts (Jacobi) 3/13/17 - Donated 60 color flyer copies plus Two covered bowls 3/17/17 - Donated a ream  of color paper 3/20/17 - $50.00 Donation for FCCACC membership 4/3/17 - $20.00 donation 4/17/17 - $25 donation for FCCACC door prize 6/18/17 - Donated a porch glider 7/3/17 - Donated $53.03 for Antifreeze & oil PDG’s Cecil & Flo Warner 3/26/17 - Donation of $100.00 4/19/17 - Donation $20 - KY Lions Youth Camp 5/15/17 - $200.00 donation  ($100 KLYC &  $100 general needs) 7/30/17 - Donation; $250.00 - 2 memorials and rest for camp Washington Lions Club 6/24/17 - Donation of $100.00 PCC Joe Westerman 1/22/17 - Donated 3 propane tanks 3/26/17 - Donated $100.00 5/14/17 - Donation of $1000.00 5/14/17 - WESTCO  donation $2000.00 7/30/17 - WESTCO donation of $1000.00 7/30/17 - Donation of $500.00 Thomas Wibbels 2/4/17 - Wrote up donation thanks you’s 3/22/17 - Folded camp applications for mail Used Eye Glass Donors Jacki Bunger – 7/8/17 PDG Bill Brown – 3/26/17 Daviess County Lions Club – 3/26/17 PDG Cebert Gilbert – 3/26/17 Glasgow Lions Club – 3/26/17 PDG John Jenks/Frank Farmer/Winchester Lions – 12/30/2016, 1/13/2017, ¾/17, 4/20/17, 6/17/17, 8/18/17 Lebanon Lions Club – 5/18/17 Millville Lions Club – 3/26/17 Kitty Pettit/Highlands Lions Club – 4/24/17 Scottsville Lions Club – 3/26/17 Sacramento Lions Club – 3/26/17 David Strange/Shepherdsville Lions  – 5/1/17 PDG Bob Swett – 3/18/17 PDG Evelyn Vaughn & Beulah Presbyterian Church -1/02/2017, PDG’s Cecil & Flo Warner – 3/26/17, 7/30/17 PDG Ches Wheeler – 5/14/17 PCC Paul Witten & District 43E Lions – 1/27/17¸ 3/26/17, 7/30/17 Note: For your information – Lions Camp Crescendo provides a temporary storage place for glasses collected from all over the state. They glasses are held ready for pick up when there is approximately a pick up truck load ready to go.  This service has been provided MD43 free of charge for a number of years. Cartridge/Cell Phone Donors Steve Baker & UPS – 2/1/17, 4/22/17, 5/6/17 Lisa Bellamy/UK Stroke Network - 3/5/17, 3/31/17 Phil & Malinda Clark – 4/18/17, 6/15/17, 7/28/17 Daniel Coe & Steve Baker- 3/4/17, KY Farm Bureau, Lawrenceburg – 1/13/17 PDG John Jenks, Frank Farmer & Winchester Lions – 12/30/16, 1/13/17, 2/3/17, ¾/17, 3/16/17, 3/18/17, 3/31/17, 4/20/17, 5/2/17, 6/17/17,   8/18/17 First Harrison Bank, Lebanon Jct. – 1/31/17, 3/24/17, Lebanon Jct. Post Office - 6/17/17 Hanna Moore - 3/4/17, 6/4/17 Gov. David & Judy Moose - 4/29/17, 6/24/17, 7/29/17 Vicki Morgan, CT Mitchell Co,Versailles - 3/3/17, 5/12/17, PDG Gerald Moss - 3/6/17 Lion Karen Nitschke - 7/29/17 Okolona Church of Christ - 3/6/17 Lion Kenneth Pierce, Campbellsville - 5/14/17 PDG Bob Swett - 3/18/17 Lion Kitty Pettit/Highland Lions Club – 2/27/17 Pioneer News, Shepherdsville – 2/8/17, Paul Sagun/State Farm - 4/1/17 PDG John Shouse & Shouse Optical – 1/18/17 Dawn Starcher/Buffalo Construction – 1/25/17 PDG Everlyn Vaughn - 3/17/17 PDGs  Cecil & Flo Warner - 1/22/17, 3/26/17, 5/14/17, 7/30/17 PCC Joe Westerman – 1/22/17, 7/30/17 PCC Paul Witten & District 43E Lions – 1/27/17, 3/26/17, Aluminum Can Donors Steve Baker - 4/22/17 Lisa & Tony Bellamy - 3/31/17 PDG Paul Breary, Lexington - 3/2017 Mark Grieser, Troop 8481 - 7/19/17 PDG John Jenks & Winchester Lions – 12/30/16, 1/13/17, 1/18/17, 2/8/17, 2/15/17, 3/4/17, 3/11/17, 3/16/17, 3/18/17, 3/31/17, 4/17/17, 4/20/17, 5/16/17, 6/1/17, 6/17/17, Missed some dates, & 8/18/17 PDG John & MaryAnn Picklesimer - 1/18/17, 3/26/17, 6/26/17, 7/12/17 PDG Sal Silvano - 2/1/17, 4/1/17, 7/10/17 PDG John Shouse & Shouse Optical – 1/18/17, 3/26/17, 6/26/17 PDG Sal Silvano 8/21 Lion David Strange/Shepherdsville L.C. - 5/1/17 PDG Evelyn & Ron Vaughn - 3/26/17 PDG’s Cecil & Flo Warner - 3/26/17 Hearing AID Deliveries PDG John Jenks & Winchester Lions - on  1/2017, 3/16/17, 4/20/17 Kitty Pettit – on 4/24/17 Pastic Bottle Top Deliveries Daniel Coe & Steve Baker, 4 Bxs -5/6/17 Lisa Bellamy Lindsay Bliss The Team Travels – Aug. 28 Lions Ron Vaughn and Don Flannery left camp early this morning to take the camp  can trailer totally full of aluminum cans to ISA for recycling. They will be hustling back to camp to head out for Corbin to pick up 4 pallets of glasses for Lion Dick Clark of the Shively Lions Club. Lion Dick and these glasses will soon be traveling out on mission trips to various countries to assist with eye care service for people in need. The glasses were going to be disposed of tomorrow if no one could take them quickly. The availability of the glasses was shared by PDG Mike Pawula.  What a wonderful opportunity – the glasses are prescription and also have nonglare glass.  This  project involved three Districts – 43C,  43N and 43T. When the guys got back to camp, Ralph Whitehouse (Ron’s neighbor) and Lion Billie Flannery helped unload 2 pallets.  The other two are still on the trailer. The end result is that much service will be provided to many people by Lions working together!  Thanks one and all! The Camp Season Ends but… There  is a lot going to be taking place here at Lions Camp Crescendo during September. The roofs were damaged by hail and yes, the buildings were covered by insurance. The shingles will be arriving real soon and a roofing crew will be coming in to get the job done. The job is expected to take three weeks. There are many volunteer opportunities available,  two big jobs for the fall (depending upon the weather) and the spring will be interior and exterior painting projects.  Are you good with a paint brush?  Would these be a good Club project for your Club?  We can put you up and we will feed you!  Call Camp if you are interested – (502)833-4427 or Call Lion Billie (502)938-1619. Camp’s Annual Raffle Drawing is Around the Corner -  Got your ticket(s) YET? The drawing will be held October 1st at 4 PM at Lions Camp Crescendo. Tickets are $10 each – we will them mail to you. Just call camp (502)833-4427 AND order. Only 2500 tickets were printed.  There are 3 prizes: 1st prize is $5000,  2nd prize is $2500 and 3rd prize is $1500 – your tickets give you a chance on all three prizes. Time is running out – call soon.  Thank you! Lions Camp Crescendo, Inc. P.O. Box 607 1480 Pine Tavern Road Lebanon Junction, Kentucky  40150 Address Correction Requested