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 Dedicated to the enhancement of the quality of life for youth
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Who We Are

Mission Statement To serve our communities through the enhancement of the quality of life for youth, especially those with special needs, by the delivery of a memorable camp experience by caring individuals, and to enable others to use our camp and retreat facilities to serve the larger communities’ humanitarian needs. Camp Crescendo Goals To continue to support music education by providing a location for bands to hold their summer camp. To ensure that special-needs children in Kentucky have an opportunity to participate in the enriching experience and lifetime camping memory of attending camp, regardless of the ability to pay. To expand our services to include other special population groups who are under-served within the state of Kentucky, including seniors. To continue to offer affordable facilities to other nonprofit groups (i.e. churches, schools, youth groups and other organizations). To develop programs for younger children to spark their interest in desirable activities. To optimize utilization of Crescendo facilities in the most efficient manner to minimize operational costs so that the facilty debt can be reduced at the fastest pace possible. Administration Lion Billie J. Flannery, Administrator         Officers 2019 PDG Cecil Warner, Chairperson Lion Tracy Cerise, Vice-Chairperson PDG Evelyn Vaughn,  Secretary    PDG Howard Cook, Treasurer PCC Joe Westerman, Immediate Past Chairperson Past Chairpersons PDG Howard Cook (1996 - 97) PDG Robert Heightchew (1998)* PDG Ches Wheeler (1999) PDG Marty Mills (2000) PDG John Picklesimer (2001 - 02) PCC Claude Yates (2003)* PCC Mel Gilbert (2004)* PCC John Jenks (2005) PCC Jack Conte (2006) PCC Joe Westerman (2007) PDG Jim Pettit (2008)* PDG Donald Thompson (2009) PDG Evelyn Vaughn (2010) PCC John Jenks (2011) PCC Paul Witten (2012) Lion Cebert Gilbert (2013) PDG Major Wheat (2014) (2015) PCC Joe Westerman  (2016 - 17)
2019 Board Meetings Begins at 2PM March, 24, 2019 May 19, 2019 July 28, 2019 October 6, 2019 December 8, 2019                                                        
Maintenance David Heath   Tom Wibbels, Technical Advisor (Volunteer)   Executive Board Noel Hardwick, PCC  David Moose, PDG Paul Witten, PCC Ches Wheeler, PDG Lion Tony Gossom Tim Hunt, PDG